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where to configure intervlan routing

Question -

I have  new setup going in - Scenario:

3448 will have customer metro ethernet coming in for SIP only, customer also has a cisco asa with their public inet coming in.

I will configure a voice only vlan with the phones getting DHCP from the 3448 - Where should I configure the intervlan routing? I need the phone network to talk to the data network although i only want SIP communications flowing obviously only through the Metro-E on the 3448.

Any docs on this?


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Re: where to configure intervlan routing

Configure it on the 3448. You'll need to enable IP routing and possibly a route-map or possibly just a static route to the SIP destinations pointing to the Metro-E. Data network will need an IP assigned to a VLAN interface on the 3448 and a static route to the ASA (probably default route).