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4305 File System Error

Yesterday evening my 4305 logged these errors:

_SYSTEM: FILESYSTEM absWrite: Error returned by flashDevice program operation: 14, retry 1, sector 19564 offset 32 length 992.

OPERATING_SYSTEM: FILESYSTEM absWrite: Not retrying write.#015

OPERATING_SYSTEM: FILESYSTEM moveSectorB Sector 19564, Offset 32, Length 992, error code 16

OPERATING_SYSTEM: FILESYSTEM relocateTrackD Sector 19564, Offset 0, Length 11, error code 16

OPERATING_SYSTEM: FILESYSTEM refreshTrack relocate failure Sector 322, error code 16

At that point the router hung and had to be repowered.  This was the first time for this error.  Does this mean my Flash has reached end of life and its time to replace router?

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