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Netvanta 5660 Power Requirements

Has anyone tried to power this device with central office battery (-48V)?

HW manual sez 48V @ 0.8A in, but it does not provide an acceptable voltage range or pin-outs for the front panel DIN female. Would also be nice to know a part number for the mating plug.

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Re: Netvanta 5660 Power Requirements

For unknown reasons Adtran *REALLY* makes it hard to find this stuff!

Yes, it's designed to run from -48V office battery.

Connector is a Kycon KPPX-3P. Mouser has them as well as other distributors.

Installation manual here - NetVanta 4660 and 5660 Hardware Installation Guide

Manual lists pinouts for every single thing on the box except the power connector! AC power supply is part 17004661F1. If you have one and a voltmeter you can ring it out. Page 33 describes the power requirements.