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Netvanta 5660 QoS and Shaper Setup

I've been using Netvanta 5660 as a managed ISP router for some time with very limited knowledge. I'm more proficent with the Total Access Series, however, with the day and age of faster internet, I need better thoughput. I'm having a hard time adapting QoS into the config however. What I'm needing, is fairly simple:

  • GIG 0/1.1 is my WAN, single IP from ISP
  • GIG 0/2.1 is my "LAN", Routed block of Public IPs from the ISP

This part I have no issues with.... it's the same old thing I've done in the past with Total Access but with VLANs. However, its the next steps:

  • I need QoS on one of the "LAN" IPs, which would be assigned to a Total Access Router for VoIP SIP trunking. Total Access is issuing DSCP46 on RTP and 26 on SIP. I would prefer DSCP QoS to allow priority other VoIP devices connected at a later time.
  • I would love to be able to join another port to the "LAN" on the 5660, to connect the Total Access router, without connecting it to the customers switches or routers. Not a requirement if not possible.

I'm struggling with the differences between what I do know, verses the differences of the 5660 with traffic shaping and priorities. I'm sure its me overthinking it... but here I am, lost.

Can someone give me some guidance? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Netvanta 5660 QoS and Shaper Setup

Did you ever get this resolved? I am having a similar issue.