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Seconday ip-helper Possible?

My system admin is creating a redundant DHCP server and I would like to know if I can add a secondary ip-helper address to an interface?


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Re: Seconday ip-helper Possible?

I would imaging I can repeat the command and it'll just add it to the primary? Does this make one primary and the other secondary or would it load balance between the two?

Re: Seconday ip-helper Possible?

From what I understand the Adtran 5000 series does not support helper addresses as that's more of a Cisco command.  It does support multiple ip dhcp relay destinations though.

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Re: Seconday ip-helper Possible?

IP helper-addresses aren't prioritized in terms of primary and secondary. Yes, you can have more than one on an interface. The ip helper-address command takes specified UDP broadcast packets and sends them as unicast to the helper address(es).

For your scenario, you'll want to deploy a mechanism to ensure that your redundant DHCP servers keep their lease databases in sync on the back end, but multiple helper addresses will indeed work just fine on Adtran devices.