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DNIS Substitution

Are there limitations on the Netvanta  600 series or TA 908e Series for the amount of DNIS substitution rules that i can enter?  I have a client setup where they will have approximately 2,000 8XX numbers that need to be translated to unique 4 digit numbers.  Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just stripping the first 6 digits as they do not match, so unique match and replace is required.

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Valued Contributor

Re: DNIS Substitution

Mr. Orofino,

Thanks for posting.  You can configure a maximum of 1000 unique DNIS substitution patterns on the ADTRAN unit, but wildcards may be used to handle larger numbers of phone numbers.  I personally would prefer to handle all the aliasing, digit manipulation, or 800 number call routing on the PBX.  One reason for handling this on the PBX is that having so many logic operations on the ADTRAN unit could negatively affect the unit's performance.  Also, in this model, when things such as user extensions change, no changes are needed on the ADTRAN unit, which should simplify maintenance.