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Issues with Transparent SIP Proxy


I'm using a Netvanta 6355 and working on setting it up as a transparent proxy but when I have the configuration in place that I copy from here:  the phones will not register.  Below is are pertinent parts of the config..  I will see the phones show up when I do a "show sip proxy reg" but show as unregistered.  The primary issue right now is that when I have this config in place, the phones cannot register with our PBX through our SBC, I have to disable sip proxy before registrations will work properly.


domain-proxy failover

domain-lookup database local


ip dhcp pool "Voice"




interface vlan 1

  no ip address

  no shutdown


interface vlan 100

  ip address

  ip access-policy Private

  media-gateway ip primary

  no shutdown


sip udp 5090

sip udp 5360

no sip tcp




voice feature-mode network

voice forward-mode network



voice dial-plan 0 local NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 1 extensions 05XX



voice trunk T01 type analog supervision loop-start

  description "FXO Failover"

  trunk-number 0599

  connect fxo 0/1

  rtp delay-mode adaptive



voice grouped-trunk FXO

  trunk T01

  accept 911 cost 0

  accept 9NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 9NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  reject 1-800-NXX-XXXX

  reject 1-888-NXX-XXXX

  reject 1-877-NXX-XXXX

  reject 1-866-NXX-XXXX

  reject 1-855-NXX-XXXX

  reject 976-XXXX

  reject 1-900-NXX-XXXX

  reject 1-976-NXX-XXXX

  reject 1-NXX-976-XXXX


voice ring-group 0599

  type all

  member 0514

  login-member 0514



voip name-service host sip udp

voip name-service host sip udp



sip proxy

sip proxy transparent



sip proxy failover accept-registrations

sip proxy failover match-digits 4

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Re: Issues with Transparent SIP Proxy

I ended up opening a case with support and it was found to be an issue with how the Yealink phones (also one model of Grandstream I tested) responded to the SIP 407 Proxy Authentication Required message they were receiving from the Adtran.  The phones never resubmitted their register request with the credentials, just continued to send in register requests without them.

Because of this I ended up going a different direction than the SIP transparent proxy feature (phones are registered to the PBX AND to the Adtran on as a secondary SIP server for survivability).  So this can be marked as completed/answered

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Re: Issues with Transparent SIP Proxy

Do you mind sharing some info on this? I am trying to do the same thing with Digium SWVX and a 908e with users connected over a vpn?