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No Listener Message -NV 6355

Hello Guys,

After some tests with a customer and the NV6355 the customer set the NV6355 as a Router with NAT, and behind the NV he puts another VoIP equipment, then he made some calls and the calls from the VoIP Cliente to the Internet were successful, however, the calls that came from the SBC Nextone through the Internet, reaching the NV and then the VoIP Cliente generates the following set of messages and the call is not successful:

NV6355#20:12:48: RX: src=<SBC-IPAddress>:5060, dst=<NV6355 Public IP Address>:5060, 1007 bytes, no listener

20:12:50: RX: src=<SBC-IPAddress>:5060, dst=<NV6355 Public IP Address>:5060, 1006 bytes, no listener

20:12:51: RX: src=<SBC-IPAddress>:5060, dst=<NV6355 Public IP Address>:5060, 1006 bytes, no listener

20:12:52: RX: src=<SBC-IPAddress>:5060, dst=<NV6355 Public IP Address>:5060, 1005 bytes, no listener

Any suggestions here?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: No Listener Message -NV 6355

Mr. Correa,

Thanks for posting!  We will likely need to see a copy of the configuration in order to understand your application completely.  However, if the unit is only setup for IP routing, firewall, and NAT, then no modification of SIP headers will be done by the NetVanta, and no attempts to open related ports (RTP) will happen automatically.  This scenario can work properly, but each endpoint (SIP PBX and SBC) will have to understand that this is not occurring at the point where the NAT takes place.  The endpoints will also be responsible for keeping ports open through the firewall with periodically generated traffic, RTP will need to be symmetric, etc.

Alternatively, the NetVanta can be setup with SIP trunks in each direction, one pointing toward the SIP PBX and the other pointed toward the SBC.  The SIP PBX would be setup with its SIP server defined as the private IP address on the NetVanta.  With this setup, the NetVanta will properly mark up the SIP headers and body.  It will also open RTP ports as needed, though symmetric RTP is still recommended.

Feel free to respond on this post with your configuration (minus any confidential information), any follow up questions you have, or any updates.



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Re: No Listener Message -NV 6355


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