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ip rtp firewall command

We recently connected a 6355 to our network to provide failover for our nocc center. Unfortunately, when migrating our nocc over to the 6355 from our Cisco switch we have run into issues with connection on certain programs. We still get access for our Polycom phones and basic network connectivity. Certain programs for our telecommunications side of business fail at certain points including a program called Panorama which is located on its own server. Certain areas can be accessed but over time the connection times out. Looking at some configs I can see that we are missing the command ip rtp firewall-traversal policy-timeout XXX. We have a working 6355 in a different location which I am trying to recreate for this new one. Could anyone tell me if this command may have to do with our issues or maybe something else we are missing.



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Re: ip rtp firewall command

ip rtp firewall-traversal policy-timeout XXX isn't likely to be your problem.  This is used for SIP ALG calls, examining the SDP and setting up NAT traversal parameters for the RTP voice packets. If you are experiencing one-way or no audio on voice calls using NAT through the box then this might be a factor but it won't affect anything other than SIP voice calls.

I would look towards either a spanning-tree problem or possibly a duplex mismatch.  Are there errors, runts, or collisions accumulating on any interfaces?  Are there multiple switches in the network with possible loops, and if so is the spanning-tree configuration consistent and stable?  When there is a failure is it isolated to certain network segments or VLANs?  Can you ping the affected hosts?

Are you using VLANs?  Are there Cisco switches still in the mix using their proprietary ISL encapsulation?

The ISO 7-layer stack is useful as a troubleshooting tool.  Start with physical (are the connectors tight, fiber clean with the right mode jumpers, etc.) and work up the stack. 

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Re: ip rtp firewall command


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