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7100 how to set trunk preference for specific lines

We have a customer with a 7100 that was set up before my time at this company. It has SIP trunks as well as a carrier analog line connected to an FXO port. There are analog lines going to a money order and fax machine on FXS ports. It would appear by the SIP and voice debug that the fax and money order machine outbound calls are being sent out on the SIP trunks. It looks like the "score" in the voice debug was 4000 for the analog trunk and 5000 for the SIP i.e. the SIP won. For most calls (from actual phones, etc) we want it to use the SIP trunk. So how do I configure it where calls initiated from the FXS ports are sent out the FXO / analog trunk but the normal phone calls are sent out the SIP trunk?

Thank you

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