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Analog line shared between 911 calls and fax machine

Good day, I have the following scenario: Some time back we added a fax machine using an analog line that was set up to also ring at the front desk; I don't know why we accepted such a setup but it was done.  I believe the line was also being shared for outbound 911 calls through the FXO 0/1 port on the Netvanta 7100.  Several days ago someone called our service provider to notify them that the fax machine was not working.  The service provider sent out a technician that apparently pulled the line from where it was and punched it in elsewhere to fix the fax machine.  He was not aware that the line was being shared in any way.  The technician left town the day after and we received a service ticket stating that outbound 911 calls were not working.  The technician was contacted but could not help.  I traced our FXO 0/1 port to the DMARC closet and the analog line that was now dedicated for fax machine.  I punched in to that same line using a jumper and our outbound 911 calls are working again. However, now that things are again "back to normal", when a fax is coming in our front desk phones are ringing because incoming calls on the FXO 0/1 port automatically go to the Operator and then call coverage is applied.  Is there anyway to prevent incoming calls on the FXO port?  Or what is the recommended setup?  I consider that 911 should probably have a dedicated line but our company is attempting to cut down on cost as much as possible.

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Re: Analog line shared between 911 calls and fax machine

Can you map the trunk with the FXO interface to an extension that either doesn't exist or is permanently in do-not-disturb? Assume extension 9999 doesn't exist in this scenario.

voice trunk T99 type analog supervision loop-start

description "fxo-local-trunk"

trunk-number 9999

connect fxo 0/1