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Click-to-Dial/TAPI application for Netvanta 7100

Good afternoon.

I am looking for suggestions for a good application or service that we can use with a Netvanta 7100 to enable click-to-dial TAPI functionality.  I have seen a couple of suggestions that include full attendant consoles but we don't need anything that robust, just something that will allow dialing from Outlook contacts that integrates well with the 7100.

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Re: Click-to-Dial/TAPI application for Netvanta 7100

ADTRAN has a solution for that called the NetVanta BCS, it also offer Unified Messaging, Fax Server, Database Integration and Conference Bridge.

More info:*/3691

It can easily be installed on the NetVanta 420e Server:

Call our free Applications Engineering Team for more information and a free quote!

Let me know if you have any questions.


New Contributor III

Re: Click-to-Dial/TAPI application for Netvanta 7100


Thank you for the information but BCS is going to be overkill for this client as the only feature they are looking to add to their Netvanta is click to dial.