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How do I force NAT to use port 5060 as the outbound source port for SIP traffic on an Adtran 3120? The trunk endpoint is a 7100 downstream from the 3120 and the SIP carrier

[SIP carrier] <-> [Internet] <-> [Adtran 3120] <-> [Adtran 7100]

The SIP carrier requires that the packets come from us with port 5060 (UDP) as the source. Right now NAT is assigning various source ports that change with every re-registration. We are also sending registration requests way too often. I added the following to the 3120 config:

ip firewall nat-preserve-source-port record-source-address

Thinking that would preserve the source port but that doesn't seem to be working as when I show the policy sessions it shows 5060 source (internal IP from 7100), 5060 destination (ip of SIP carrier) but the NAT port is 1027 and 1206 at the moment.

Thank you for your assistance with this.

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