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International calls (011) takes me to operator.

I have a setup where no dial 9 is required for an outside line.

The problem I have is that when I dial 011 to make an outbound call it immediately dials the operator on my system (x601)

I suppose I could force the "0" to the bottom of the dial plan but that would have an aweful long inter-digit timeout.

So, thinking maybe I need to pre-pend international calls with something like 88 and then strip that off at the trunk.

Seems rather convoluted, is there a better way?

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Honored Contributor

Re: International calls (011) takes me to operator.

Try putting 011xxx.T ahead of 0.

When there's a conflict as you have here, most SIP phones have a SEND softkey similar to a cell phone, or the # key will work on FXS analog ports. You'll have a similar conflict between 6xx extensions and 7-digit local calls starting with 6.

Alternatively, define 00 as the local operator and add it to the dialplan.

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Re: International calls (011) takes me to operator.

Sorry I did not get back. I did check ordering. It seemed like the template got stuck I refreshed and rebooted phones. Has been fine ever since.