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Managing NV 7100 after Flash Player EOL

Does anyone know what the best way to manage NV 7100 after Flash Player went EOL? Is there an administration manual for using only telnet or another option? 

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Re: Managing NV 7100 after Flash Player EOL

any luck getting help on this? looking for a solution or instructions on how to update a user account.

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Re: Managing NV 7100 after Flash Player EOL

We're in the same boat. We need to re-name existing extensions.

I have figured out the following:

SSH to the Netvanta 7060 using the freeware PuTTY terminal emulator.

To change a single extension #### the commands are:


config term

voice user ####

first-name "John"

last-name "Smith"

description "John Smith"

email ""



Then do other extensions with the above commands starting at voice user ####.

At the very end, do this to write the changes:


write memory


Now, the above works, but I am stuck at the last two steps:

1) How do we force the re-generation of the file /ADTRAN/adtran_phonebook.csv using only the command line? This step can still be done without Flash Player in the web UI, but we want to do it in the command line. Our hope is to write a script that does all the steps above plus these final two steps.

2) How do we force the sync of the configs to all the phones? The web UI can do this under the IP Phone Configs page and can schedule the restart of phones in batches. I have no idea how to accomplish this using the command line and am stuck at this point. We can of course go and unplug/replug all the phones and/or reset the phones manually so that they are forced to pull down the new adtran_phonebook.csv file, but that's a lot of walking from office to office.


Thanks in advance for any help!!!!