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Mass Ring Group login/out

Customer has an inbound Ring Group setup with up to 16 phones logged in/out.  The problem is that the supervisor is the individual that controls who is logged in or out, but they need to more quickly manage logging users in/out of the ring groups.

I know that the GUI does not have a fix (at this time), but is there any way from the command line to do this?   There tis about 10 ring groups that are also having to be managed with the same users, so his is why this is a need.

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Re: Mass Ring Group login/out

There are several ways to control this.  The easiest would be from the GUI if you can give the supervisor an admin login.  They can then go to Voice > Ring Groups > select the desired ring group and then use the Log In and Log Out buttons next to the members shown in this screenshot:


From the CLI you can do the same thing with the following example commands after you are at the enable prompt and enter config t mode:

7100(config)#voice ring-group 8001

Configuring Existing Group "8001".

7100(config-8001)# login-member 2040

7100(config-8001)#no login-member 2040

A final option is to have the users manually dial or use a speed dial button on their phone to login and out of the ring group.

*55xxxx*Group Login (*LL)
*56xxxx*Group Logout (*LO)

To follow the example above of a ring group for extension 8001, you would dial *568001* to log out of ring group 8001 and *558001* to log back in.



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Re: Mass Ring Group login/out

The only issue with using the GUI interface is I can nit select more than one extension at a time to log in/out.

This customer has 34 Ring Groups with up to 16 agents logged into the group, so it is not possible to have the user or administrator quickly use the GUI at all.  So, I was trying to find a much quicker process (via Command Line), otherwise the GUI has got to be improved!

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Re: Mass Ring Group login/out

as Matt mentioned, using the CLI, you can create a script to do mass login and out, once your in via telnet or ssh

the admin/supervisor could have all these in a text file

sample script to log users out, all the admin would do is copy and paste it to the CLI:




conf t

voice ring-group 8001

no login-member 2040

no login-member 2041

no login-member 2042

no login-member 2043

no login-member 2044

no login-member 2045

no login-member 2046

no login-member 2047

no login-member 2048

no login-member 2049

no login-member 2050

no login-member 2041

voice ring-group 8002

no login-member 3001



user could have lots of scripts that have different scenarios for the different ring groups

You could even create TCL scripts to run at certain times of day and you could configure it to log users in, let's say in the morning, and then run it again, to log them out at night. That is pretty advanced configuration though.

Configuring TCL Scripting in AOS

Hope that helps.


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Re: Mass Ring Group login/out

I was using TeraTerm application to log the users out, which mostly worked.  I copied / pasted 30+ Ring Groups (RG) with 12 users in each that I logged out, and sometimes I would get errors when the command ran in that a few users were not logged out.  So, I copied and pasted the individual RG and then worked fine, so would an other application work more successfully with a large request?

Example of Failure:

JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4080
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4081
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4082
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4083
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4084
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4085
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4086
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no lno login-member 4090 % Unrecognized command
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4088
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4089
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4090
JTs KIA(config-8018)#no login-member 4051
JTs KIA(config-8018)#

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Re: Mass Ring Group login/out

On a similar note, can you define from a command the Call Coverage variables for a ring group related to Default / Night / Weekend / etc....

I reviewed the run sum command and there is nothing about the RG setups to possibly copy and edit.

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Re: Mass Ring Group login/out

I use SecureCRT and I have a script of about 200 lines that I use when preparing units for class and I have not had any problems with implementing the commands.

Double check the errors and make sure they were not wrong syntax or wrong users in wrong RG. I do that a lot when copy pasting things in scripts.