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Contributor II

Netvanta 7100 End of Life Question

Hi, Our two vendors informed us that Adtran will no longer be selling Adtran Ip 712 phones; some time back I heard they were no longer manufacturing Netvanta 7100 boxes and I just realized that there has been no new firmware since 2017 where before they used to have several firmware updates in one year.  So is it over?  Should I be looking for another solution to replace our PBX systems? Appreciate the input.  Thanks.

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Re: Netvanta 7100 End of Life Question

I would recommend finding a new option. Adtran states that they will continue to support the product until Dec 31, 2020. The last shipment date and end of software date have already passed.

NetVanta 7000 Series End-of-Life/Support Notice

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Re: Netvanta 7100 End of Life Question

We having the same issue with 4 Netvanta 7100 that will be end of life soon and we could not buy no one in replacement. So with if i read well, Adtran have no newer PBX solution for replacement ?

Does a Netvanta 6330 can be a solution for a PBX? We have around 50 users/ per site. Is it "newer" than the 7100 and still available new?

juad​ Which solution have you find for replacement ? If we go cloud we have to change all Adtran 706-712 / polycom soundpoint phones so i will try to safe those phones before going cloud!

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Contributor III

Re: Netvanta 7100 End of Life Question

When Adtran EOLed the ECS platform we switched to Digium Switchvox for customers needing a more robust platform, however the cost of those systems are usually way out of place for 100 or less user solutions.  So we have picked up a few used 7100 devices we keep on hand for emergencies that way we can replace a faulty device in a hurry if needed.  We have looked at several other platforms but so many are based on a pricing structure that requires annual or semi-annual licenses/service contracts they just aren't price compatible.  Some of the devices in the same general price range are either very feature starved or quality is not quite up to snuff IMHO.  The Adtran 706-712 do support some hosted platforms very well, however they will usually require manual configuration and depending on the hosted platform may not support all features.  The Sound Point should be fully compatible with any hosted platform that supports them. That being said a lot of the hosted platforms do not support phones which are not directly in their supported phone list simply because of support reasons either their internal support not having time to work with unsupported devices or they do not have the needed contracts with the switch manufactures to get additional support. And although the 706 and 712 are very good phones they are quite aged now compared to newer lines so it might not be a bad idea to lean towards replacing them.  Sorry I don't have a solid answer for you but when it comes to selecting a replacement voice platform there are so many variables it is impossible to come up with a single answer because the client may have a required feature that is not available on all platforms.  All that being said I can tell you in the case of site that does not need any local features the Adtran TA 900 series has some possibilities for very simple SIP PBX where they just need phones that can make and receive phone calls, internal 3-4 digit dialing, and simple hunt group features.  Sometimes you can find hosted solutions that will provide a SIP trunk which connects to the A 900 device but keeps things such as voicemail on the cloud side.  This would allow you to use the 706-212 phones even if they are no directly supported by the provider, it is basically used as a B2BUA allowing the phones to register to it and it registers to the Hosted provider so it doesn't matter what handsets you internal.

John Wale