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Netvanta 7100 update polycom phonebook from CLI (EOL of Flash)...?


we still have two clients using the NV7100 and one recently asked me to make changes to usernames and passwords. Which is relatively easy via the CLI. I also updated the global address book via the GUI.

I then rebooted the phones (Polycom VVX400) by rebooting the PoE switches but the client stated the changes didn't come through - and indeed the Polycom folder's phone books don't reflect the updated usernames.

Is there a CLI command to update the Polycom phone books? I can't find any documentation on that? It is odd that the GUI can issue commands that are not available on the CLI.

How can I achieve that? Can I delete the MAC-address_Phonebook.xml files - will they get restored when the phones boot?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


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Re: Netvanta 7100 update polycom phonebook from CLI (EOL of Flash)...?

I have the same problem.  the easiest way to solve the problem is to create a VM for your computer that runs window 7.  you will need to set up so that VM doesn't use the current time (IE set it up for something like 2019).  when you fire up the VM, make sure that you have an old browser that supports flash and you are off on running.  when you connect to the Adtran 7100 everything works.  

I love the 7100, sorry that Adtran obsoleted it.  it was a great product and provided the ability to sole source solutions to a number of customers.  I can't find a replacement on the market for this product. Oh well.

I hope that this helps...  I have been doing this for a few years now to resolve the entire Flash issues.