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One-way audio on some international calls

We have 2 PRIs terminating to a 908e and a SIP trunk between the 908e and the 7060.  I have 1 user that receives international calls, some come through fine but some have no audio.  The user is currently not in the office but yesterday he received 2 voicemails from international callers with no audio, and 1 from a long distance caller with no audio (first time long distance has shown any issue).  We have swapped his phone out previously, but since voicemails are also receiving no audio on these calls it appears it's an issue with the 908e or 7060.

I have captured voice verbose, sip stack messages, and isdn l2-formatted debugs on both devices for the 3 calls that had issue yesterday, I have attached those debugs as small as I could get them.  See below for the call example details.

AUG 12 @ 10:02AM from 442078194181 to 404-564-2429

AUG 12 @ 10:04AM from 442078194181 to404-564-2429

AUG 12 @ 11:48AM from 2134520000 to 404-564-2429

I have tried contacting support already but our 7060 is out of warranty and I have not heard back from them if they can troubleshoot this from the perspective of the 908e which is still under warranty.  What should I be looking for in these debugs to show an audio issue (no other user has issues, and this user only has it when receiving international calls), what other information may we need to troubleshoot this, I can copy parts of the config files for either unit if you let me know what would help.

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Re: One-way audio on some international calls

I see you opened a support ticket for this issue.  Please continue to work with ADTRAN Technical support on the ticket.  Once it is resolved please come back to this thread and post the solution so others can benefit from it.


Re: One-way audio on some international calls

The issue ended up being on the carrier side, no configuration changes were made to the Adtran equipment.