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Our Netvanta 7060 autoattendants do not trigger

Our autoattendants do not trigger when outside callers call in to our main/PRI phone line.

For example, an autoattendant is supposed to play a recorded audio file, welcoming the callers and directing their call. Instead, nothing happens when a caller calls that main phone line in; they just get pure silence.

That autoattendant is using an alias. I switched that alias over to a user and now the outside calls do route successfully to that user. It's just that when I switch that alias back to the autoattendant, nothing plays.

I can play the audio file manually in the Netvanta admin web page, so it is there.

Note, we are also having another problem with our Netvanta, where the voicemail prompts are not playing sometimes and voicemails get recorded but are completely soundless/blank.

Some voicemails have no sound at all

In addition, we also just replaced our entire Netvanta 7060 with a replacement unit (swapped over the CF flash cards and imported the config file) and it's doing the exact same thing.

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Re: Our Netvanta 7060 autoattendants do not trigger

Is this system connected to a SIP trunk? I have seen something similar where your Telco carrier will only support a certain codec and the RTP stream cannot be processed.

Are you sip end points (phones using multiple codecs?

Is your Carrier SIP trunk configured to use those same Codecs? Does your Telco r support them all?

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Re: Our Netvanta 7060 autoattendants do not trigger

jwiv, thanks for the reply.

Nothing else has changed on our internal phone system that I am aware of.

Our internal phones (Adtran IP 712 and PolyCom SoundPoint IP 650 SIP) have not changed. The auto attendants were working just fine before a few weeks ago when something else changed.

Here's the timeline:

1. About a month ago, we encountered this problem where our autoattendants stopped working.

2. About two weeks ago, our NetVanta 7060 did not come back up after a reboot and we ended up replacing the NetVanta 7060 entirely with a replacement unit. We transferred over the CF flash card, imported the config files and got it up and running. The config file did not contain any changes to its settings.

3. The problem with the autoattendants not working also returned with the new Netvanta.

I don't know the answer to your questions, as I am very green with VOIP phones, but I do know that nothing changed for our Netvanta 7060 configuration or the phones themselves. I strongly suspect our local telco made some changes that we were not told about.

Do you think the CF flash disk might be starting to die? Could that explain why the autoattendants aren't running correctly? Perhaps that part of the CF flash disk is corrupt? Or do you think we should investigate the codecs first?

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Contributor III

Re: Our Netvanta 7060 autoattendants do not trigger

I would put a switch in between your 7060 and SIP Provider, setup port mirroring and hook up a computer to the receiving port and run a Wireshark packet capture.  Then make a test call to the AA while capturing the packets.  After call is completed turn of the capture then use Wieshark to analyze and replay the RTP stream,  If the stream is present in your output then the problem is between you and the Telco if there is no audio in the captured stream then there is an issue on your 7060.  If the captured call has audio on your side contact your provider you may need to provide them a copy of the packet capture so ensure you have not captured other calls then the test call.  A possible issue between you and provider are Codec mismatches, You would need to create a codec list that contains only supports the codec your provider supports and apply it to the trunk connecting to your provider if that is the case they should be able to tell you what codec to use.  If there is no audio in the stream you capture then I would build a brand new AA record a new message and test with it, if it is corruption that should resolve the issue if it does then just recreate the Auto-Attendants.

John Wable

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Re: Our Netvanta 7060 autoattendants do not trigger

Thanks for the input, I will check this out.