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Overhead Paging NetVanta 7100

I am trying to determine if I have everything setup properly.

We moved to a new location and it has an existing overhead system with Ashly equipment.  I have verified the overhead system works by connecting a microphone.

I remove the microphone and connect the port to the paging port on the back of the 7100, and I cannot get it to work.

All phones are Adtran 706.

Overhead paging is a permitted action for the appropriate CoS.

Paging Group is enabled and includes the Paging Port.

Default Codec G729 is selected (other options G722, G711a, G711u).

Where else do I configure settings, and what troubleshooting can I attempt?

Is there a specific type of cable required for connection between systems?

Thank you for any assistance.

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Re: Overhead Paging NetVanta 7100


Have you tried just plugging in a speaker directly into the 7100 paging port to completely eliminate the paging speaker and the wiring from the 7100 to the overhead system?

If you have done that or after you do that and it still doesn't work, then can you do a debug of "debug voice verbose" and then attach it to your reply. Click "Use Advanced editor" in the top right corner of the reply and then you will see an option below the reply to attach a file.


Re: Overhead Paging NetVanta 7100


I took your advice and plugged PC speakers into the paging port and paging works as expected.  I wasn't thinking that simple.

Now I know all systems work independently.  I can concentrate on getting the proper wiring between them.

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Re: Overhead Paging NetVanta 7100

Excellent! If you can update the post with the results and mark the post as Answered so others can benefit from it. Have a great day!


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Re: Overhead Paging NetVanta 7100

I went ahead and flagged this post as "Assumed Answered". If you were able to resolve this issue, please come back to this post to update it with the result so others can benefit from the solution.  If any of the responses on this thread assisted you, please mark them as Correct or Helpful as the case may be with the applicable buttons. This will make them visible and help other members of the community find solutions more easily. If you still need assistance, we would be more than happy to continue working with you on this - just let us know in a reply.