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Park Appearance & Retreival Not working

Customer just notified me that there 7060 system over the past few weeks is not displaying the parked calls on any phones, so retrieving the caller is not possible.

However, If a User that originally parked the inbound caller - presses the Park 1 button at least once, then presses the "Pickup" button and enters the Park Number (1), you can retrieve the caller off the park?   This is the strangest thing.   If you go to any other phone, then pressing the park button or the "pickup" button, nothing will work.

Currently running OS version R11.3, and I am on site to troubleshoot and am able to replicate the issue:

I have run a few debugs to capture the situation:

debug voice verbose and debug sip stack messages

Currently upgrading there system to R11.4.0, but this did not fix anything.

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