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Routing to remote office

Hi all

We have a client who needs to have its voice network which is on a netvanta 7100 to be able to communicate with a remote office.  The two offices are connected via VPN between two cisco routers and they can ping each other. 

The voice network is on vlan and the data network is on vlan  We connected the eth0 port on the back of the netvanta 7100 to the cisco router and get a ip address of but the remote office is unable reach the netvanta. What configuration changes would we have to make to enable communication between the adtran and their remote office?

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Re: Routing to remote office

Kirton, is the 7100 doing firewall? If not, is the Cisco set up to route the subnet over the VPN? The trick would be to makes sure that you can ping the voice VLAN IP address of the 7100 from the remote site and the remote site while sitting behind the 7100. Please reply with the 7100 config. Thanks


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Re: Routing to remote office

Hi jay

Thanks for responding and sorry it took so long to reply.  I got the issue sorted, we had to conenct it to the front of the netvanta and set up the routes correctly on the cisco routers.  Once that was done everything worked.