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SIP Stack Transaction Error crashing 7100

Twice in the last 3 months my 7100 with about 75 phones is rendered all but unusable. I am running version R11.3.0.E (not HA).


  • Calls are disconnected, transfers never happen
  • Two-way audio stutters or is interrupted
  • At the CLI the following message continually appears:  SIP.STACK ERROR  TRANSACTION  TransactionCreate - Failed to create a new transaction.
  • CPU usage is very high

My only resolution has been to restart the unit, after which performs perfectly.

I am going to try and update to R11.4.0 (newest) although the release notes don't indicate any related fixes.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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New Contributor

Re: SIP Stack Transaction Error crashing 7100

I've experienced this today actually. We have 10 devices on a Netvanta 1335e running 11.9.x(e). We eventually concluded that it was due to limited resources available. Each phone had BLF enabled and 6 appearances with low SIP registration polling intervals.

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Re: SIP Stack Transaction Error crashing 7100

Our environment has 75 devices at least half with BLF and several appearances. It doesn't happen regularly, maybe only once per month.

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Re: SIP Stack Transaction Error crashing 7100


   I am curious if you are using any configuration similar to ours.  Do you deploy any SPA5XX phones, what type of endpoints are you deploying behind the 7100? 

Do you use nCommand, or use any VQM config in the 7100,  ip rtp quality-monitoring?