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Shared line will occasionally not ring.

I am trying to track down a problem with shared lines that will suddenly stop ringing.  The NV7100 is running firmware R10.7.0.E, with (8) eight of the IP712 phones, and five analog lines.  The phones are running firmware App. 2.4.1 boot/2.1.0.  The problem appears to be with only two phones that have the same three shared lines. Trunks T01, T02, T03 are used for the main number and the two hunt numbers.  The lines appear only on these two phones.  There is another department running a similar configuration with two shared lines, trunks T04, T05.  The shared lines are on three IP712 phones. The second group does not have the same problems with the shared lines. The calls will ring as expected most of the time.  Today the problem persisted for more than half of the day.  However, I was not available to log in to try to capture any errors.  Is there some type of logging that would be able to identify if the phones are not ringing.  One other detail, as this problem has come up before.  I deleted the phones and shared lines to see if it was a problem with the phones config.  The problem did not resurface for about 3 weeks.  As a side note, when I arrived today onsite the phones were ringing correctly.  Any help is appreciated.

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