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Testing SIP trunks

I've added SIP trunks to an 7100 with an pre-existing PRI. The ultimate goal is to replace the PRI with the SIP trunks. The system is currently in production and the customer is sensitive to any disruption in service. The SIP trunks are registered and appear to be working. I can route inbound calls on a test number to where I need them to go. My question is: How do I test outbound calls on these new SIP trunks without disrupting anyone and how can I do it remotely?

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Re: Testing SIP trunks


Go to the Voice > Trunk Groups > and edit the SIP Trunk Group you created. Add your phone number as an accept number. Save it.

Got to Voice > Trunk Accounts and note what trunk number is your SIP trunk.

Telnet or SSH to unit and enter “Debug voice summary” and then have a user at that site call your phone number. You should see the debug then show which trunk was used to place the call. It should have gone out the SIP Trunk Account number.

Let me know if you have any further questions.