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changing TAC from a 9 to 8

I have a NV7100 R10.7.0.E and a couple of years ago I was able to change the TAC from from 9 to 8.  I'm adding 3 brand new phones and I can't make these new phones use the 8 (but 9 works fine). All the phones that have been working using 8, continue to function using the 8. The config files on the GUI interface for the phone defaults references an 8, but what for whatever reason the 3 new phones refuse to work using the 8. New phone config file included.Where am I going wrong?


#AOS GUI Generated Configuration File

#Phone Model: ADTRAN IP 712

#Phone MAC: 00:A0:C8:93:8F:FA

#Phone Main Extension: 123

#Status Group Name: Warehouse

#Status Group URI: Warehouse@

#Generated from AOS GUI on 11/06/2015 12:51:34 GMT-0500

#Rebuilt at system time: 11/06/2015 13:16:29 EST


Include adtran_firmware_712.txt

Include adtran_boot.txt

Include adtran_global.txt

Include adtran_customer.txt

PhoneLabel "Warehouse Storage"

SipTransport UDP

DialPlanPbx 0|911|9911|[1-8]xxx|8[2-9]xxxxxx+T3|8[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|8[0-1][2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|8011xxx+T3|*[2-9][0123456789*]+T3|*1xx|#xx+#|xx+#|**xxxx

DialPlanExternal 0+T3|911|[2-9]xxxxxx+T3|[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|[0-1][2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx|011xxx+T3|xx+#|*[2-9][0123456789*]+T3|*1xx

Reg.0.AuthUserId 123

Reg.0.AuthPassword i85J039btyrNUy4a

Reg.0.Did 123

Reg.0.DisplayName "Warehouse Storage"

Reg.0.Enable True

Reg.0.Multiple True

Reg.0.Realm GP

Reg.0.Voicemail *98@

FeatureUri.0 123@

ParkZoneUri.0 callpark@

PickupZoneUri.0 pickup@



Button.1.Type Line

Button.1.Label "123"

Button.1.Line 0

Button.2.Type Line

Button.2.Label "123"

Button.2.Line 0

IdleGroupPreference 0

IdleSelectOrder 1

MessagesCallback *98@

MwiCadence 1

MwiPrimary 0

Button.3.Type BLF/DSS

Button.3.BlfUri "Warehouse@"

Button.3.Number park4

Button.4.Type BLF/DSS

Button.4.BlfUri "Warehouse@"

Button.4.Number park5

Button.5.Type BLF/DSS

Button.5.BlfUri "Warehouse@"

Button.5.Number 118

Button.6.Type BLF/DSS

Button.6.BlfUri "Warehouse@"

Button.6.Number 122

Button.7.Type BLF/DSS

Button.7.BlfUri "Warehouse@"

Button.7.Number 124

Here's the edited 7100 config file.



voice match ani "NXX-NXX-XXXX" substitute "8-1-NXX-NXX-XXXX"

voice match ani "NXX-XXXX" substitute "8-NXX-XXXX"


voice dial-plan 0 always-permitted 911

voice dial-plan 1 always-permitted 9-911

voice dial-plan 2 internal-operator 0

voice dial-plan 4 900-number 8-1-900-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 5 operator-assisted 8-0-NXX-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 6 900-number 8-1-976-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 7 local 9NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 8 local 8NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 9 extensions [1234567]XX

voice dial-plan 15 local 8-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 16 900-number 8-976-XXXX

voice dial-plan 17 long-distance 8-1-NXX-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 18 toll-free 8-1-888-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 19 toll-free 8-1-800-NXX-NXXX

voice dial-plan 20 toll-free 8-1-877-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 21 toll-free 8-1-866-NXX-XXXX

voice dial-plan 22 international 8-011-$

voice dial-plan 23 always-permitted 8-911




voice class-of-service normal_users

  override-passcode 6789



  aa-initiate-permit XXX


  call-privilege extensions

  call-privilege local

  call-privilege long-distance

  call-privilege operator-assisted

  call-privilege specify-carrier

  call-privilege toll-free






























voice grouped-trunk DSCI

  trunk T02

  accept NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 1-800-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 1-888-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 1-877-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 1-866-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 1-855-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 911 cost 0

  accept 0-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 10-10-XXX-$ cost 0

  accept 8-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 8-0-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 8-1-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  accept 8-011-$ cost 0

  accept 8-911 cost 0

  accept 8-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

  reject 976-XXXX

  reject 1-900-NXX-XXXX

  reject 1-976-NXX-XXXX

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New Contributor

Re: changing TAC from a 9 to 8

This is what I get when I debug a bad call.

15:16:22.579 PM.123 Ca:0 SipPM_Trying         sent: 100 Trying

15:16:22.579 PM.123 Ca:0 SipPM_Trying         sent: SA->Appearance On

15:16:22.579 SA.123 Ca:0 Idle                 rcvd: AcctPhoneMgr_appearance(ON) from PM

15:16:22.580 SA.123 Ca:0 Idle                 State change      >> Idle->DigitGathering (CAS_ReqDigits)

15:16:22.604 SA.123 Ca:0 DigitGathering       sent: AcctPhoneMgr_cachg(CAS_ReqDigits) to PM

15:16:22.604 PM.123 Ca:0 State change      >> SipPM_Trying->SipPM_Pending

15:16:22.605 PM.123 Ca:0 SipPM_Pending        sent: SA->Dial Digit

15:16:22.605 SA.123 Ca:0 DigitGathering       rcvd: AcctPhoneMgr_dialDigit(8180#) from PM

15:16:22.605 SA.123 Ca:0 DigitGathering       Named-digit-timeout waiting 0 seconds for more digits

15:16:22.605 SA.123 Ca:0 DigitGathering       State change      >> DigitGathering->DigitGathering (CAS_Active)

15:16:22.606 SA.123 Ca:0 DigitGathering       sent: AcctPhoneMgr_cachg(CAS_Active) to PM

15:16:22.606 SA.123 Ca:0 DigitGathering       sent: call to SB

15:16:22.606 SA.123 Ca:0 DigitGathering       State change      >> DigitGathering->CallPending (CAS_Active)

15:16:22.607 SB.CALL 124622 Idle                 Called the call routine with 8180

15:16:22.607 SB.CALL 124622 Idle                 No LOCAL station matched dialed number (8180)

15:16:22.607 SB.CALL 124622 Idle                 No TRUNK accepted dialed number (8180)

15:16:22.608 SB.CALL 124622 Idle                 No routable destination found on call from (123) to (8180)

15:16:22.608 SB.CALL 124622 State change      >> Idle->CallIdlePending

15:16:22.608 SA.123 Ca:0 CallPending          rcvd: callResponse from SB

15:16:22.608 SA.123 Ca:0 CallPending          State change      >> CallPending->Idle (CAS_Idle)

15:16:22.608 SA.123 Ca:0 Idle                 sent: AcctPhoneMgr_cachg(CAS_Idle) to PM

15:16:22.611 PM.123 Ca:0 SipPM_Pending        call-leg (P:0x55ffcf0 S:0x0) -> Disconnected (Local Reject)

15:16:22.611 PM.123 Ca:0 SipPM_Pending        CallLegStateChanged to Disconnected.

15:16:22.611 PM.123 Ca:0 State change      >> SipPM_Pending->SipPM_Closing

15:16:22.611 PM.123 Ca:0 SipPM_Closing        sent: SA->Appearance Off

15:16:22.612 PM.123 Ca:0 Call Failed: rejecting with 604, result = 1

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: changing TAC from a 9 to 8

Andrew, it appears you still need to modify the dial plans of the actual phones under IP Phone Globals. The 7100 is only receiving 4 digits from the phones, so I would verify that the extension match string does not include 8. Thanks