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e164 and extensions


I am using a NV6410 with OS version R13.4.0.E with Skype For Business 2015.  I can use match dnis with substitute for regular numbers IE

match dnis "555-555-1300" substitute "555-555-0100"

However, I am trying to include an extension with the substitute number and not seeing how that is done or if it can be done.  It would look something like this:

match dnis "555-555-1300" substitute "555-555-0100;ext=1234"

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: e164 and extensions

Here is a link to the DNIS ANI substitution for your product:Enhanced ANI and DNIS Substitution in AOS Voice Products if that does not answer your question please provide a call flow diagram showing what you are trying to do, it maybe possible to get the needed results using some other configurations.

John able

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Re: e164 and extensions

There isn't a way to automatically send an extension. If the extension maps to a dialable DID, you can substitute the entire DID.

Some PBXs and autodialers have the ability to dial a number, pause for an autoattendant, and then outpulse DTMF to ring an extension. Is this the functionality you're looking for?