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map unused TN's on 7100

I have a 7100 with SIP to ATT.  ATT has provided me a number of TN (telephone number) blocks.  I assign multiple 10 digit numbers to a single extension (typically from different area codes).  That all works fine.  I have a number (about 50) of TN's at any one time that are not assigned to any extensions.  I would like to route all of the unused TN to a specific auto-attendant.  is there a way to use wild cards to route the inbound calls.

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Re: map unused TN's on 7100

Try the following:

For 312-555-0100 through 312-555-0149:


Numbers within brackets all accepted for that digit position.

X = any digit

N = 2 through 9

M = 1 through 9

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Re: map unused TN's on 7100

Jayh I tried the substitution process - it works on trunks but within the user dialog it doesn't appear to work.

for example here is the auto attendant

voice autoattendant "DefaultAA" extension 8200

  description "auto attendent"

  entry-filename "defaultAA.xml"

  alias 2770700

the Alias is the where I need to put the filter - i tried 277070x and it didn't work.  I also tried to change the input TN number via the trunk filtering but it has no ability to change the input TN stream (IE 2770701 to 2770700).

any thoughts would be appreciated

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Re: map unused TN's on 7100


    I usually setup a User Account to send all the unused numbers to, then use call coverage to send the calls to the Auto Attendant.. I've never tried using wildcards and don't think you can used wild cards when adding the DID's to the user account. There may also be a limitation to the number of DID's you can assign to one user account so you may have to have multiple user accounts to trap all the unused numbers. Downside of doing this this way is it is tedious to setup but the upside is you can pull out numbers one at a time in any order as needed for new accounts.

    The other option is if you are using a separate SBC to send calls to the 7100 you can do number manipulation at the SBC side to send the calls to one number. 


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Re: map unused TN's on 7100


thanks for the thoughts.  I have a SIP based system - don't know how to use SBC.

I did try a number of things.  first I set one up as an OUTBOUND ATT - I would do manipulation on the outbound numbers to change from extension or telephone numbers to the main number based upon who the call was going to - that worked fine.  I then set up a trunk account called tn-not-active.  I set up a trunk group that would accept xxx-xxx-xxxx with a cost of 10.  that meant that it would only look at the trunk.  that all worked. the problem was where to point the trunk group. the trunk account was where the DNIS translation would occur but it wouldn't do it selectively.  I also tried to use the filter X on the digits that I didn't want, it used the X as part of the comparison.

I have a number of remote locations with 7100's so I did validate that I can change the number so that it will go to an autoattendant - the problem is that the autoattendant is in the wrong location.

looks like there is no solution.