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NetVanta T1 NIM Design Considerations

NetVanta T1 NIM Design Considerations

NetVanta1st Generation T1 NIM Support

The 1st generation NetVanta 3200 and 3205 only support 2nd generation T1 and T1+DSX1 NIM modules that are at least REV G and when the unit is running AOS 6.03.  There is no support in the 1st generation 3200 and 3205 units for the Dual T1 NIM module due to AOS upgrade restrictions.

1st Generation Chassis

Part Number

1st Gen T1 NIMs Supported

NetVanta 3205 DC


1200862L1, 1200863L1

NetVanta 3205


1200862L1, 1200863L1

NetVanta 3200


1200862L1, 1200863L1

NetVanta Dual T1 NIM Timing Source

The 1st Gen NetVanta Dual T1 NIM part number 1200872L1 can only have a single clock source. If you set the NetVanta to retrieve timing from T1 0/1, then T1 0/2 timing will be set to "through" (which means that it retrieves clocking from another interface). Alternately, T1 0/1 will be set to "through" timing if T1 0/2 is set to retrieve the timing from the line. Therefore, you will run into timing issues if you terminate two T1s from two separate Central Office clock sources.

The 2nd Gen NetVanta Dual T1 NIM part number 1202872L1 will support independent timing sources on each of the T1 0/1 and T1 0/2 ports.  This module requires AOS 17.09.01 and is not available on some older NetVanta devices that run older versions of code.  Refer to the for individual product support.

NetVanta Octal T1 NIM Timing Source

The 1st & 2nd Gen Octal T1 Wide Modules P/N 1202843E1, 1202843L1, and 1200843L1 can source timing independently on each T1 interface.

56k Support on T1 NIMs

There exists an issue that has to do with the 2nd Gen NIMS running on a D4 AMI circuit. The 2nd Gen NIMS support this circuit type however, they cannot support running at the required 56k per DSO rate. A fix (AOS 9.02.01 or above) has been made to allow support in the 2nd Gen Rev G and above T1/FT1 + DSX-1 NIMs (1202863L1) but due to hardware related issues the 2nd Gen Rev A/B T1 NIM (1202862L1) does not. Additionally, the Dual T1 NIM does not support 56k. 1st Gen versions of the T1 and T1/FT1 + DSX-1 NIMs should still work with 56k.

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