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Getting NetVanta UC to work with Exchange 2013.

Our UC version is, running on Windows XP Pro.

We need the oldest version of UC that will integrate with Exchange 2013 and hopefully run on XP Pro (UC 5.x maybe), and some expertise getting it to work.  I am having difficulty finding anyone locally who can assist, and the vendor we bought from is out of business.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Re: Getting NetVanta UC to work with Exchange 2013.

Chuck, you can purchase Professional Service Vouchers from for access to support if you need assistance with an upgrade, but unfortunately Exchange 2013 support wasn't added until 5.5, at which point support for Windows XP had been deprecated. Your best bet is to upgrade to 6.0.2 for the latest Exchange 2013 integration bug fixes, but you would need to upgrade to a server level OS in order to do that. Thanks