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Netvanta UC Hybrid w 6310 gateway and PBX

I'm currently running Netvanta ECS server, connected via a Netvanta 6310 gateway out to the PSTN through my PBX via a ISDN / PRI connection. I've recently purchase aditional licensing for the Netvanta to use it as UC server for my legacy PBX. I'm attempting to follow outline of the instructions included in TN088 - NetVanta UC Server 5.1 - Dialogic Media Gateway Configuration Guide for the dalogic gateway and translating the general idea to the Adtran 6310 but somewhere the configuration is breaking down. Has anyone else successfully configured a netvanta gateway to work in hybrid mode where it supports station to station calling between the systems, but also allows UC voicemail for the legacy system? I'm not too concerned about MWI, I just want to be able to receive voicemail and have it delivered to their exchange inbox. If so can you supply a sample config for the netvanta 6310?


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Re: Netvanta UC Hybrid w 6310 gateway and PBX

Kirk, I don't think I've seen anyone set up this exact application before, but I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work given the right configuration. The closest guide we're going to have to it would be this:

Configuring a PRI Gateway for Use with NetVanta ECS

The trick would be making sure that you have 2 different trunks to the UC server, one for the ECS communication system and one on the correct port for the legacy PBX. You would also need to make sure that each user is assigned to the correct communication system and that the correct extensions are routed out each trunk.