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ucCompanion - Allowing non-domain Users to Use Trusted Services

ucCompanion - Allowing non-domain Users to Use Trusted Services


ucCompanion - Allowing non-domain Users to Use Trusted Services

If the UC Server and UC Companion client are running on the same domain and using Windows authentication it will work in UC version 4.6.x or 5.x. In 4.6.x, local authentication may not work if the PC running UC Companion is not a member of the same domain as the server.  This makes the client not trusted because the client's credentials are unrecognized by the server.  In 5.x and above the ability to allow local authentication in this scenario was added by editing the ServiceParameters.xml file on the server. Follow this procedure to allow non-domain users to use Click to Dial or the UC Companion messenger service. This capability is supported in UC 5.0.1 or later, and is not supported in previous versions.

To allow clients that are not part of the server's trusted domain(s) or if the server is not part of a domain, make this change to allow access to services that would typically require a trust relationship.

1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\ADTRAN\NetVanta UC Server\Data\System

2. Locate the ServiceParameters.xml file and edit it.

  • If the file does not exist, copy the ServiceParameters.sample.xml to ServiceParameters.xml

3. Locate the configuration section (should be at the bottom)

4. Locate the tag <AllowUnsecureChannel> and change the value to true. The complete configuration should now read:





      <!-- Sample server certicate definition -->







5. Save and restart all UC services.

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