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VQM Loss of Functionality (Flash-Related) Product Bulletin

VQM Loss of Functionality (Flash-Related) Product Bulletin

All major browsers have announced the end of Flash support by December 31 2020; due to this deprecation of Flash, the web GUI associated with ADTRAN Operating System (AOS) products will suffer some loss of functionality with certain graphs and reporting systems within the Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) feature.

Differences in VQM Behavior:

  • The affected graphs and reporting features of VQM include RTP monitoring and Top Traffic graphs (accessed by navigating to Monitoring > Voice Quality > RTP Monitoring).
  • All other web GUI functions outside of the RTP monitoring and Top Traffic graphs retain full functionality, including the configuration, firmware upload, and system reboot features.

Methods to Address the Issue:

  • The reliance of these VQM graphs and reports on Flash will be addressed in the next AOS feature release, R13.10.0. Software notifications will be posted on the ADTRAN Support Community when R13.10.0 is released and available for customer download.
  • In the interim, VQM statistics can still be access using the CLI. Instructions for accessing these statistics via the CLI are included in the VQM configuration guide, beginning on page 55. You can access this documentation here: Configuring Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) in AOS - ADTRAN Support Community


ADTRAN recommends subscribing to the Software section of the Support Community to ensure you receive proper notification when R13.10.0 becomes available. You can access the Software section using this link p/software-notifications, and then select Subscribe from the top-right of the page to receive notifications.

This information is provided to our customers because of ADTRAN’s commitment to total quality and customer satisfaction. If further assistance with VQM is needed, or you have questions regarding the AOS Flash migration, please feel free to reach out to the ADTRAN support team and a product support engineer will try to further assist you.

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