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854-v6 USB Disk Access

Hi all,

I have a new 854-v6 that has been installed by my broadband provider, and I have connected an external hard drive to the USB port on the router. Can anyone tell me the path that I need to use to be able to access this disk from the network? I have both windows and apple machines on the network.



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Re: 854-v6 USB Disk Access

I would also be interested in knowing about this.

Re: 854-v6 USB Disk Access

They have confirmed that none of the ADTRAN SDGs provide storage support.  The USB3.0 ports can only be used for charging.  It is unfortunate because this forces those that want to use this type of application to purchase yet another device that will support it... that usually has its own wireless... which eliminates the ability to use a Device Manager application to manage the gateway (unless a more complicated arrangement is built).