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How to harden SmartRG router settings? (multicast, port forwarding, remote file sharing, etc?)

I was looking at network activity and it was very chatty, constant connections to multicast addresses like - even though I did not authorize these (i do not know what its trying to send out or to whom). I have a SmartRG506n at the moment but i might switch to something else if i'm not able to resolve this issue. Disabling IGMP snooping and MLD snooping doesn't seem to disable it. What steps can I take to fully disable any multicast, port forwarding, or remote file sharing features which I do not wish to use? I'm trying to harden the router settings as much as possible but it seems impossible to disable some of these features (which are security risks as far as i'm concerned). Any advice on how I can harden the router settings step-by-step for the SmartRG506n will be greatly appreciated.

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