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How to set Port Forwards for xBox 360

This article provides steps for adding port forwarding to your SmartRG gateway to allow XBox users to have a continuous online connection. (Used along side UPnP when experiencing Moderate to Strict NAT)


  1. Ensure your xBox or other gaming console is connected to the gateway (LAN or Wireless).
  2. Open any web browser and access the gateway. (
  3. Under the Device Info tab, select DHCP. Take note of the MAC Address and IP addresses for your gaming console.
  4. Click the Advanced Setup tab, select LAN
  5. In the Static IP Lease List: click Add Entries and enter the MAC and IP address noted in Step 3.
  6. Also under the Advanced Setup tab, navigate to NAT > Virtual Server Setup. Click the Add button.
  7. Check the Custom Service checkbox and enter a name (ex. xBox360). Use the IP address noted in Step 3 in the Server IP Address field.
  8. Set the ports for the xBox360 using the Port Start and Port End fields and nterthe following values: Port 88(UDP), Port 3074(Both), Port 53(Both), and port 1863(Both)
  9. Click the Apply/Save button to commit your changes.
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