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How to set default Access Point Name (APN)

It has been noted on occasion that the apnname (access point name) value is not set when it is loaded from a config file, or where it does not restore to its previous value when the default config is restored.

There are two types of config files; "running" and "custom". This issue applies to both types. To resolve this issue, the apnwrite parameter must be set to “TRUE”.

The internal settings for a gateway include two distinct APN records: one in the LTE hardware module, and one in the CPE config.

They function as follows:

  • The APN in the LTE hardware module is treated as authoritative and copied to the CPE config, unless the apnwrite parameter in the CPE config is set to TRUE.
  • If the apnwrite parameter in the CPE config is set to TRUE, the apnname parameter is written to the LTE module once, and the apnwrite field is cleared.
  • If you want preserve a default apnname, create a Custom config with the apnwrite parameter set to TRUE. The apnwrite field in the Custom config is not cleared when the apnname is written to the LTE hardware module.

Note: Due to the differences between Default and Running settings, once the CPE clears the apnwrite field after setting the APN in the LTE module, the cleared apnwrite field is necessarily stored in the Running settings.

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