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How to update gateway config files via the CLI (tftp command)

This article explains how to modify a configuration file using the tftp command in the CLI.

Step-by-step guide

To update a configuration file using the tftp command follow the steps listed below. The syntax for the tftp command is "tftp -g -t w -f filename server_ip", where “filename” is the name of the modified configuration file and “server_ip” is the actual IP address of the tftp server.

  1. Open the configuration file on the modem and search for the X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerSpecificConfig tag.
  2. Verify that the factory default configuration lines highlighted in red are present.
    <X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerSpecificConfig> < X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerName>UndefinedCustomerName</X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerName> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileServer></X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileServer> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFilePath>/path/to/SR505n/configfiles/</X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFilePath> < X_SMARTRG_COM_UsernameSuffix></X_SMARTRG_COM_UsernameSuffix> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileDownloadInterval>2160</X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileDownloadInterval> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileVersion>UndefinedIdentString-00000001</X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileVersion> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateTftpDownload>FALSE</X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateTftpDownload> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateCustomPPPUsernamePass>FALSE</X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateCustomPPPUsernamePass> < /X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerSpecificConfig> 
  3. Modify the fields as explained in the table below.
  4. Save and close the file.




Replace “UndefinedCustomerName” with your vendor name.


Replace “” with the IP address or URL of your TFTP server.


Replace “/path/to/SR505n/configfiles/” with the path to the config file on the TFTP server.


Replace “@somedomain” with the domain value for the address of tftp server.


Accept the default setting of “2160” or enter your preferred time interval (in seconds) for the config file to download.


Replace “UndefinedIdentString-00000001” with the name and version of the config file on the TFTP server in the following format: cfgxxxxxxxxxxxx-########.conf where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the MAC address of the modem and ######## is the version of the config file, e.g., cfg00236A4DDB42-00000009.conf.

Important: For a new config file to load, the version of the new file must be greater than the version of the current file or the "Illegal file upload" error appears.


Replace “FALSE” with “TRUE”.

Working Configuration File Sample

The following sample shows only the section of the configuration file that you must modify to use the tftp command.

Note: The ActivateCustomPPPUsernamePass parameter listed below is PPP-specific and is not addressed in this article.

< X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerSpecificConfig> < X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerName>TCI</X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerName> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileServer></X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileServer> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFilePath>/</X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFilePath> < X_SMARTRG_COM_UsernameSuffix></X_SMARTRG_COM_UsernameSuffix> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileDownloadInterval>120</X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileDownloadInterval> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileVersion>TCICONF00000001-1458328709</X_SMARTRG_COM_ConfigFileVersion> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateTftpDownload>TRUE</X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateTftpDownload> < X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateCustomPPPUsernamePass>FALSE</X_SMARTRG_COM_ActivateCustomPPPUsernamePass> < /X_SMARTRG_COM_CustomerSpecificConfig>

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