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Migration best practices for 5xx series gateways

This topic explains the recommended migration path for upgrading generic firmware on the SR5xx series of SmartRG Gateways listed below:

  • SR501
  • SR505n
  • SR506n
  • SR510n
  • SR515ac
  • SR516ac
  • SR552n
  • SR555ac
  • SR570ac

Not all gateway models support all versions of the firmware. For example, products that have reached end-of-life will not have a version later then For more information, review the information on the Generic Firmware download page. Warning: If you use custom firmware and want to move to generic firmware, contact Customer Support for assistance.

Firmware Upgrade Path

Because certain versions include changes for memory allocation and other settings, it is recommended that you install each version identified in the row for your starting version.For example, there was a change from the older SDK to a newer version between the 2.5.x firmware version and the 2.6.x firmware version. For that reason, you should install each version shown in that row to prevent issues and additional work.Make sure to:

  • Upgrade only one firmware version at a time.
  • Skip interim versions (those not listed below) to avoid unnecessary FRESETs.
  • Test each level on one or a few gateways before upgrading in bulk.

Migration Steps

Find the currently installed firmware in the FROM column and install all firmwares listed in that row until you have installed the LATEST version.

If your firmware version does not appear in this chart, contact Customer Support for assistance.

Note: For the SR516ac, the first firmware version is in the 2.6.x branch and no update is needed.





To Latest - -

* For this release, memory was increased.

** For this release, a new SDK version was implemented.

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