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Can Adtran TA 600 T1 *ATM* unit use *TDM firmware* ?

Can an Adtran TA 600 T1 *ATM* unit be flashed with *TDM firmware* ?

For example, could a 4203624L1#ATM (TA 612 T1 ATM, 3RD GEN) be changed to act as a TDM unit?

We have repair situations where only the T1 ATM unit is available but actually need the T1 TDM unit and end up having to ship a new unit.


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Valued Contributor

Re: Can Adtran TA 600 T1 *ATM* unit use *TDM firmware* ?

Yes, the TA600 ATM can run the TDM firmware, and vice versa. The hardware is the same between these models.

We do recommend doing a factory default on the unit after changing from one to the other, in order to clear out any settings that exist in one FW but not the other.

Hope this answers your question,