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Tandem E&M settings / Answer Supervision

I have a customer who seems to be having issues with calls disconnecting as soon as they answer. It is not consistent. I could not duplicate the issue myself but have changed out the Adtran TA616 to see if the problem went away. The customer called back a few days later and said they were having the same issues. A trap shows that the calling party disconnected but why or how, I don't know. Just want to prove it's not the Adtran and if it is, obviously get it fixed.

The circuit is coming in as a Wink Start circuit with the standard ESF B8ZS settings. I have set my TA616 3rd Gen to Tandem E&M on all 12 channels that they are receiving from the carrier. I set the FXS side as LoopStart conversion with Wink supervision. I have DIALTONE disabled and RING BACK TONE enabled. The setting for ANSWER SUPERVISION is also disabled. DNIS option disabled and  FWD Disc Delay set at the default 1.0 secs and left the FWD Disc Battery to the default Remove.

Can someone tell me if any of these settings could cause the issue at hand or have any suggestions on what I can try to determine if it's my Adtran causing the problem or if the problem lies with the Carrier?



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Re: Tandem E&M settings / Answer Supervision

I apologize for not answering this a long time ago, but I did not receive a notification that you had even opened this ticket.

None of the settings should cause the calling party (from the telco) to hang up. The only option that could possibly effect that would be the WINK Supervision. With Wink Supervision, when the TA's FXS port gets answered, the TA sends a "11" for 250 ms, followed by a "00" (this is the 250 ms 'wink') and then a "11" which stays "11" until the FXS port is hung up. So if the T1 is IMMEDIATE Supervision instead of WINK then it could see the "wink" as the call being answered and then immediately hung up. For IMMEDIATE Supervision, the TA sends a "11" when the FXS port is answered and it stays at "11" until the port is hung up.

Again, sorry for the delay in answering,