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908e 3rd gen, Dual Wan And Vlan on LAN

Does anyone have a config to setup the following (908e 3rd Gen)


Ethernet 0/1 Primary

Gig 0/1 backup



Ethernet 0/2 - Vlan with Dhcp and route thru wan. (for local network equipment).

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Re: 908e 3rd gen, Dual Wan And Vlan on LAN

Thanks for posting. Linked below are some of our configuration guides that should walk through how to get a dual WAN setup configured with dynamic failover implemented and how to get a LAN facing 802.1Q interface configured and NAT overload to pass traffic from the LAN to WAN. 


Configuring Multiple WAN Connection Failover in AOS - ADTRAN Support Community

[Video] - How to Configure 802.1Q Interfaces on an ADTRAN Router - ADTRAN Support Community

[video] Configuring Internet Access (Many to one NAT) with the Firewall Wizard in AOS - ADTRAN Suppo...

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