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Adtran 908e - Remote Desktop Disconnects?

We just switched providers which moved us from Cisco Routers to AdTran routers for 10 locations. We use a MPLS network between all locations. Since moving to our new provider that uses AdTran 908e routers, we are now seeing random disconnects across the board for our 80 users that connect via RDP to a Windows Server. We have feel that a setting or timeout or something might be causing the issue and we have ruled it down to the AdTran likely being involved.

It happens whether connected via VPN tunnel, direct MPLS location-to-location, etc. No other hardware has changed other than the Cisco --> AdTran situation.

Does anyone have a thought we can suggest to our new provider as to what might be causing the remote desktop sessions to freeze? They show disconnect and will often reconnect, but the session disconnects constantly throughout the day.. sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. By the end of the day, most all users reports having been disconnected at some random intervals at least a few times during a 9 hour work day.


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