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Adtran 924E behind router/firewall

i have a situation where i need 60 FXS ports to connect to my SIP server each fxs port  shuold connect with a unique sip user/password

now i dont have enough Public IP address for all the adtran devices, will that work ok behind a firewall ?

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Re: Adtran 924E behind router/firewall

We use a mix of Adtrans behind public IPs as well as those on private IPs (behind other public routers running NAT). There are no issues with Adtran CPEs in either topology.

Most ISPs have issues when firewalls in front of SIP endpoints are SIP-aware (are running SIP ALG, for instance), as those firewalls tend to modify SIP packets in ways that may not be best for ISP purposes. While we don't deploy any CPEs behind firewalls, as long as the firewall is configured correctly (i.e. the SIP ALG feature is disabled) it should not cause any issues for the Adtran behind it. You could also use the firewall to perform simple NAT and use the Adtran's built-in firewall to further police the traffic.

Hope this helps.