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Adtran TA 924e No Audio Between Local SIP Phones and FXS Analog Devices

We are experiencing an issue configuring an Adtran TA 924e to work as intended on a customer premise. Our intention is to have the Adtran serve as a firewall for onsite Polycom SIP phones that register to our Acme/Oracle SBC and our broadsoft platform. Additionally there are four analog lines connected to the FXS ports of the adtran, where we'd like it to function as a simple ATA. The Local network is connected to Eth 0/1, The internet interface is Eth 0/2, and the analog devices are connected to first four FXS interfaces.

What we have encountered is that calls to/from the Polycom phones work without issue. Calls to/from the FXS lines from off the local network also work without issue. However calls directly  between the Polycom phones and the FXS lines, while they appear to be properly established via SIP, have no audio.

Our SBC was originally configured to release the call back to the adtran so media would be local on the customer network, and that appears to be where the problem lies. When we configure our SBC to instead maintain control of the call/audio the calls are fine. However that's not a long term solution we'd like to keep. Ideally the customer's RTP traffic for local calls will all stay local on their network.

We can provide our sample config once I get the IP/identifiable information stripped out, but I feel this should be fairly simple. Does anyone have a ready config for a scenario like this?

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