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Adtran TA912 with a PRI & Analog Lines has wrong CID on Analog Lines


I have a Adtran TA912 which I am sending a PRI to a customer, but I also have analog lines built on it that go to separate customers.  I set the PRI up using Adtran's documentation on SIP-to-PRI.  The issue I am having is that the analog lines built on the device have the caller ID of the PRI's main line and not the CID of the actual FXS Analog Line.

The PRI and the Analog Lines both have separate trunks and separate SBC IP's.

Here is my doctored SIP config.  I can include more if necessary.  I also think that at first my PRI tries to send the call over T10 until it gets a 404-Forbidden and then tries the correct trunk.  Perhaps there is a different way to say which trunk gets which calls from the CID?

voice trunk T01 type sip

  match ani "$" add p-asserted-identity "5152884400"

  sip-server primary

  max-number-calls 23


voice trunk T02 type isdn

  description "ABC-PRI"

  resource-selection linear ascending

  connect isdn-group 1

  no early-cut-through

  rtp delay-mode adaptive


voice trunk T10 type sip

  description "XYZCompany"

  sip-server primary

  registrar primary

  outbound-proxy primary

  max-number-calls 24



voice grouped-trunk SIP-PRI

  trunk T01

  accept $ cost 0



voice grouped-trunk PRI

  trunk T02

  accept 5152884400 cost 0

  accept 515288442X cost 0

  accept 515288443X cost 0



voice grouped-trunk SIP

  trunk T10

  accept $ cost 0

Does anyone have any thoughts?  Thanks for any help.

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