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Adtran Ta908e FXS assume 9 dialing

I have an analog line provisioned on an Adtran Ta908e FXS. The Metaswitch is configured to expect a "9" for external dialing. I am trying to configure the IAD digit map, dial-plan or any other method for "assume 9 dialing" which means the IAD would always add a 9 in front of the digits dialed before sending the call to the Metaswitch. Is this possible?

##config below###



voice codec-list USERS


  codec g711ulaw




voice trunk T01 type sip

  sip-server primary

  sip-server validation register

  domain ""

  grammar request-uri host domain

  grammar from host domain

  grammar p-asserted-identity host domain

  grammar to host domain

  grammar alert-info url



voice grouped-trunk OUTBOUND

  trunk T01

  accept $ cost 0





voice user 1

  connect fxs 0/1

  password encrypted "85685854fnffn48984jmxm"

  sip-identityXXXXXXXX T01 register auth-name "XXXXXXXXXX" password encrypted "85685854fnffn48984jmxm"

  sip-authentication password encrypted "85685854fnffn48984jmxm"


  rtp dtmf-relay inband

  codec-list USERS


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Re: Adtran Ta908e FXS assume 9 dialing

I know this is a really old post, others may have the same question.


You can add the "match dnis" line below to your SIP voice trunk and that will take ANYTHING dialed and replace it with 9+ANYTHING (prepending 9 to anything dialed). Just note, this will add a 9 in front of star codes and will break them. 


voice trunk T01 type sip
  match dnis "$" substitute "9-$"