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Adtran Total Access 908 (2nd Gen) Fax "Busy"

So recently I have ran into a problem that keeps reoccuring on the Adtran 908 Second Gen Total Access. 3 lines were ported over from a regular phone line carrier to a voip carrier setup. One line was a fax line the other two were fire/secuirty etc.

There is a fax line and two security/fire lines in the building. Both going to the Adtran 908 2nd Gen.

TOO often the fax line and maybe the fire/secuirty lines go down and the only way to fix this is to powercycle/reboot the Adtran 908 Total Access device. Once the powercycle is complete the fax line just works. When the line is down, you get a Hook "tone" on the fax as it should, but when trying to dial out it gives an error stating line was "Busy" After a bit more research I found the Adtran 908 gives the tone to the lines, and doesnt't mean it is a "live" line. Also when the line is down, calling to the fax line from a external number,  drops the call immediately. Dialing out from fax on "Hook" gives a "busy" sound immediately, same for trying to send a fax. So its like the phone lines are completely unplugged or not getting translated in the Adtran box to dial out via VOIP or whatever protocol it uses. I just don't know enough about this subject so I am reaching out to the pros and maybe someone else has has something similar occure. It seems to be very random. I have read maybe the Adtran maybe gets unsubcribed or something along the lines with a network blip or failure to report etc. however I feel link this shouldn't be a problem if configured properly.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Adtran Total Access 908 (2nd Gen) Fax "Busy"

From the networking perspective...Is this Adtran sitting behind a NAT border?

Reset the device. Everything works fine for a while, then all of a sudden stops. Sounds like a NAT pinhole issue or otherwise something with the expires timer. Basically it sounds like your provider is saying "Re-register every X seconds" and the Adtran isn't doing it for whatever reason. This could be because of an ALG interfering with the expires header or it could be because the device is behind a NAT (and the provider doesn't know it) so it sets the expires header to 3600 seconds, but the NAT pinhole closes after 5 minutes.

Next time this happens, log in to the Adtran via CLI and run the following command. Then see if the service is back online. 

sip trunk-registration force-registration

If this does it, look at how your network is set up and what the SIP flows look like in regards to the expires header in the REGISTER and the 200OK you get back from the provider.