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Adtran Total Access 908e url filter not working

Hi all,

I'm hoping you can help me set up a http block ALL rule that will ONLY allow access to a specific domain to clients connected on a specific VLAN interface.

Here is my brief config:

ip urlfilter MulticFilter http

ip urlfilter exclusive-domain permit "*"

interface gigabit-eth 0/1.5

  vlan-id 5

  ip address

  ip access-policy Private

  ip urlfilter MulticFilter in

  no shutdown

However, I can still browse on the internet without restrictions.

I followed the guide on here: Configuring Top Website Reporting and URL Filtering in AOS

still can't get it to filter all URLs


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Re: Adtran Total Access 908e url filter not working


This will have limited use since it does not filter https traffic.

Per the docs "HTTP over secure socket layer (HTTPS) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) URL filtering are not currently supported."

Best regards.